Thursday, May 10, 2012

If You Don't Look Good, We Don't Look Good

It's a sad day for hair everywhere. 
Vidal Sassoon, photo by Henryk Lobaczewski
Vidal Sassoon. Photographed by Henryk Lobaczewski.
The world-renowned hairstylist Vidal Sassoon died this Wednesday morning of natural causes at the age of 84. He was surrounded by family in his Los Angeles home on Mulholland Drive. 

I could easily recount his life story but I'll leave that to the many papers reporting his death. There are great articles from the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Gate and The New York Times. Instead, I'll share some of his iconic haircuts that changed hairstyling forever. 

Grace Coddington's "W" cut by Vidal Sassoon, black and white photo by David Montgomery
Grace Coddington's "W" cut. Photographed by David Montgomery.
Mia Farrow with Vidal Sassoon; Michelle Williams short cut. photo by Kevin Winter
Mia Farrow & Vidal Sassoon prior to "Rosemary's Baby"  |  Michelle Williams. Photo by Kevin Winter 
Angled cut: Nancy Kwon (Vidal Sassoon) and Victoria Beckham
Nancy Kwon in Vogue, 1968. Photographed by Terry Donovan.  |  Victoria Beckham
Ulla Bomser and Vidal Sassoon, Box Bob, Agyness Deyn
Ulla Bomser & Vidal Sassoon. 1965 Box Bob.  |   Agyness Deyn
Various other iconic styles created by Sassoon.
My favorite stylists have been Sassoon trained so perhaps one day I'll post my many haircuts influenced by this amazing man. Not many people get to make this kinda of impression on the world and still be able to walk the street without being bothered. (I'll be honest though, if I had ever seen him, I would have certainly said something!)
I hope his legacy lives on and people continue to push the envelope beyond the "norm." Can you imagine if we never made it past the Beehive?!
Be sure to check out Vidal Sassoon: The Movie on Netflix or iTunes - it's a great documentary. I never knew how much of a health guru he was back in the day too - crazy!

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  1. aw, so sad. i'm glad he was surrounded by family though.
    and seriously, i can never get enough of michelle william's hair. flawless!
    xo TJ