Friday, February 3, 2012

Max Neutra @ CAVE Gallery (Art)

I left work a little early today to go visit an art gallery with some amazing, eye-catching artwork by Max Neutra. I just happened to walk by the C.A.V.E Gallery the other day while searching for another store. I'm glad I returned because it turns out that tomorrow is the last day of the show. If you have the time - you MUST go!!
Below are a few of my favorite pieces. I would've had a very hard time walking out of there without buying one if they hadn't been sold already!

"For Your Consideration" 
"Only You"
gallery presentation of "For Your Consideration," "Only You," & "Bunny Love"
"Allowance" full view + gallery presentation
gallery presentation of "Don't Panic"
(not sure of this title - was being put up as I was visiting)
various "Bunny on Wood" (color) & "Bunny on Found Wood" (b/w) pieces
(from top left) "Boob Tube," "Rabbit Ears," "MMMMMedia"
(from bottom left) "All Dialed Up," "Cozy Cover," "Kissed All Over"
Excerpt of the Artist Statement: "...Whether it's a face depicting an emotion, or abstract shapes, I strive for each painting to be like a signature. Quick and fluid. Brave and permanent. Unmistakably written by hand... Instead of toiling over attempted perfection, I indulge in the imperfections of myself and the world around me, and marvel at the inherent factors of chance that the process provides..." 
Full Statement and Artist Bio available here from the Gallery or from his website here. 

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