Monday, July 18, 2011

Dinner at Oscar's

Brian and I stopped by a new local hot spot on Friday and had a wonderful date night...
By 6 pm, Oscar's Cerveteca was already busy so we hung out and grabbed drinks while we waited for a table. Brian ordered one of his favorites, Vitus, while I grabbed a cider new to my palatte, Crispin. It was served over ice and quite appropriate for a beautiful summer evening! The vibe of the restaurant was very chill, simplistic, modern with a touch of turn of the century elegance - smooth marble, square tube metal legs, dark wood, high top tables, a long picnic table, mason jars and simple white and wood dishes. 
As we were waiting and soaking in our new hip surroundings, we ordered the Fried Pickles appetizer. I'm a Southern girl so this is one of my favorites when I can find it. They seem to be popping up everywhere recently but these were distinctly different. Not only were they homemade spears but the batter was perfect, the taste unique, and they went well with (or without) the aioli on the side. 
Finally, the waitress whisked us to a wonderful table on the patio where we promptly ordered. 
I went for the Squash Blossom Quesadilla with Roasted Cactus... 
while Brian went for the Chicken & Cheese Empanadas. Both were incredibly delicious and I have to give it up to Oscar Hermosillo (of Venice Beach Wines next door as well) and his kitchen - simply amazing! The servings were just enough to be satisfying and well priced too. 
I highly recommend anyone visiting Venice or even LA make a stop at Oscar's. Wonderful food, great beer/cider/wine selection, with a fun local vibe. (Give me a call and I'll even join you!)

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  1. That's one of the things I miss about L.A.....the food!! Looks awesome. :-D