Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A New Kind of Moon Shoe

It's not often you would hear the words "outer space" and "DIY" together but that's the best way to describe these shoes...
“first ever flat-pack shoe, fit for outer space”
These beauties were created by United Nude for Spanish performance artist, Alicia Framis' Moon Life project. Asked to create a conceptual shoe suitable for space travel, Creative Director Rem D Koolhaas and team "thought the further you send or ship something, the more important the weight and size - so the idea of 'small and light' led us to the flat-pack idea." The carbon fiber shoes take about 10 minutes to construct, are made of about 20 pieces each, remain customizable and include instructions because UN doesn't "expect anybody to just genius the construction from out of the blue." The DIY shoes are only prototypes now but the purchasable version is in the works. I personally cannot wait!

More details and images at Vogueecouterre, core77, and Fashion Time Magazine.

Not feeling the heels? Try this DIY slipper from Unu Footwear instead!

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